It all started with one little bee

Our story begins with one little bee that turned into a swarm. Unsure of what to do with a swarm of bees on a property full of guests, we did what anyone would do — we googled it. And so, our VP of Finance & Operations — with a few youtube videos, her husband, some advice from the lovely gentleman at the bee shop, a beesuit and a glass of wine — set out to create our own bee's boxes and forage a healthy community for bees to thrive around the rest of our foliage and wildlife.

We didn't expect to fall in love with these little creatures, we just wanted to make sure that our guests were safe from being stung — but the truth is that we did fall in love with them and all their simply amazing ways (their honey isn't bad either.) Unfortunately, bees are currently threatened by habitat loss, disease, and the excessive and inappropriate use of pesticides.

A great idea was born

The Coppola Family is committed to sustainability and we pride ourselves on agricultural practices that are friendly to our friends of all species and genus. But we wanted to do more — we wanted to spread our love of bees all around.

And so, an idea was born... Bee's Box Wines. Great wines that give back 10% of the profits to organizations fighting to protect these little pollinators that have sustained us for so long. It's our turn to help sustain them.

So let's fight the good fight together, glass of wine in hand and say cheers to good food, cheers to fine wine and cheers to those beautiful little bees.

Why do we care about so much about bees?

Bees are a signal of overall environmental health. A healthy bee population ensures a prolific garden and blooming plants. It's the same reason that we have installed numerous bird boxes and plant cover crop. All of these things we do mean that we have to do less interference in the long term. Less pest control, less fertilizer, more cover crop — that all means healthier soils, which means better grapes.

Plus, they are pretty amazing insects. Check out some of our favorite bee facts here. And we mentioned the honey, right?